We educate members on the basics of Blockchain, apprising them about the Blockchain ecosystem and helping them understand how Blockchain works and how to build products on the Blockchain.

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Our team of consultants will help you move from the ideation phase through the validation phase. Our full service will provide you with the necessary expertise to iterate on your solution and create a clear plan to bring your idea to life. By the end of our collaboration, our team of engineers and business strategists will work with you to develop a go-to-market strategy and a Minimal Viable Product that will equip you to begin raising money and acquiring customers.


You are an entrepreneur or  company interested in the promises of decentralized blockchain solutions. You have an idea that will make a meaningful impact on those it reaches. You need experienced and connected blockchain developers to help make your vision a reality. Concrete needs we have seen:

  • Blockchain developers to create and iterate on an an MVP
  • Business strategists to create a go to market strategy
  • Financial experts who understand blockchain and can create accurate models.


The consultants of the Penn Blockchain Club are true believers, operating on the cutting edge of technology. They have been carefully vetted amongst all of our members for their outstanding knowledge and track record in the space. They have taken and taught blockchain development courses, competed and won pitch competitions, organized world-class blockchain conferences, and spent countless hours discussing, creating, and debating blockchain protocols and products.

After leaving Penn our consultants will  work as full-time blockchain developers and business strategists, but are currently bounded by their desire to finish their college education. They want to employ their knowledge to create real, impactful, blockchain-based products and are unwilling to wait until they can be employed full-time.  Ultimately, Penn Blockchain Consultants are eager to help businesses implement solutions now because they believe the future is already here.


When you decide to work with us, a project coordinator will reach out to you to set up an introductory call, allowing us to learn more about your project and for you to learn more about us. When both parties are comfortable moving forward, a second meeting will be scheduled. Penn Blockchain Consultants will learn the specific details of the project and create an outline of the entire consulting process. Once both parties are comfortable with the agreed upon project outline, our team of consultants will begin work! Regularly scheduled check-ins with the project coordinator will keep you up-to-date with the progress we have made on your product.

Consulting flow

Initial phone call to discuss project
Team, proposal, and timeline
Detail expectations and deliverables
Team works with regular check-ins
Consultants present deliverables to you
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